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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2 October 2015

*Major open data milestone: Budgets and spending of all Dutch local
governments disclosed online*

Today, financial reports, periodic budgets and expenses, of more than 400
Dutch local and regional authorities are permanently available as open data
and are made visible through the website openspending.nl. Spending
information of all Dutch local authorities are available from 2010 and data
will be automatically updated.


With openspending.nl
developed by Open State Foundation
now more than 15,000 financial reports are visible and comparable by
population, households and area. Various benchmarks can be made making it
possible to gain insight into the public spending of hundreds of local
governments in The Netherlands.

‘This is an important milestone for open spending. With the availability of
these reports as open data on such a scale, the Netherlands leads the world
on local open spending’, says Arjan El Fassed, director of Open State
Foundation. ‘Open data of public finances offer local and regional council
members, journalists and citizens more opportunities to understand how
governments spend public money’.

The data is structured around the so-called iv3-standard. In 2013, Open
State Foundation started with unlocking the budget and expenses of the
Amsterdam Central District. In 2014, supported by the Dutch Ministry of
Interior, Open State Foundation started to request all municipalities,
provinces and regional water boards to share their financial data, annual
and quarterly budgets and spending. Within a year, more than 200 local and
regional governments responded positively.

This made eventually the Central Bureau of Statistics to decide to share
the raw data from iv3-reports, budgets and quarterly and annual financial
statements of all municipalities, provinces and water boards as open data
and automatically disclose future deliveries.

For the first time also the financial reports of common arrangements and
partnerships between different government authorities in the areas of
safety, administration, waste and environment. Until today, many elected
representatives have been side-lined when it comes to transparency and
monitoring such arrangements.

The availability of iv3-data is the first milestone towards financial
transparency. With this effort, now the three highest aggregated levels of
spending data are available. Research by VU University pointed out
previously that elected representatives, journalists and citizens need more
detailed information to track government spending. Therefore, Open State
Foundation works with, among others, the province and the municipality of
Groningen on disclosing more detailed financial reports as open data. The
results will be published later this year on openspending.nl

Open State Foundation

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