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draft proposal
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Subject: [Rigf_msg] "school on internet governance for asia pacific" -
draft proposal
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APrIGF MSG members,

We would like to send "School on Internet Governance for Asia Pacific"
proposal to APrIGF to review. Please refer the attached draft proposal.

We are working on the fifth school (after Europe, Latin America, Africa and
Middle East) to start from the next year. Currently, we have twelve members
including around half of them being APrIGF MSG members involved in the

We may organize the school as the three/four-day "Teach-The-Teacher" course
to develop the school content in 2016-2017, and would like more MSG members
to participate to develop the school.

Please refer the following website for the current draft program and
initial class description, and other information;

    Program - CyberCommons.net

We would like to have the school proposal to be discussed at the coming MSG
We plan to have a face-to-face meeting on the school during 2016 IGF in

We hope that a stable good proposal will be developed with active
participation of MSG.

kilnam chon

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