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這個部分台灣的工研院巨量資料中心和智庫驅動聯手對工程會的資料庫做了一些處置,兩造這次都會參加 OGP 在墨西哥的年會。很好奇在現場或後續會怎麼進行。

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As we were getting our bags ready for an exciting week in Mexico at the
Open Government Partnership Summit, we had a quick look at how many
governments committed to transparent and participatory public procurement.
In fact, two out of three have done so.

This is great news. But important gaps remain. We need contracts to be open
by default, better data using the Open Contracting Data Standard, but most
vitally, we need a stronger commitment to engaging with civil society
throughout the process of government deal-making.

On our blog
and a brief we'll be sharing during the conference, we have analyzed
the government's commitments to opening up public procurement in more
detail. We believe open contracting is essential for open government to
fulfill its promise.

This is why we are looking forward to meeting and connecting with you in
Mexico City. We’d love to hear your experiences about what works and learn
more about how we can help you.

Here’s where you can join us and speak to some of the early adopters of
open contracting:

Learning Session at the Civil Society Day
Tuesday, October 27, 3:30pm <http://sched.co/4Len>

Impactful Implementation of Open Contracting

High-Level Panel at the OGP Summit, co.hosted with the World Bank
Thursday, October 29, 4pm <http://sched.co/4Len>

How Can Open Contracting Impact Development

We’ll also be joining panels on the role of joined-up data standards in
meeting and monitoring the SDGs <http://sched.co/4Wdr>, and the global
impacts of open data <http://sched.co/4Wo0>.

Safe travels and see you soon.

Gavin, Kathrin, Lindsey, Georg, Sierra, Ruairi
from the Open Contracting Partnership team

Follow us @opencontracting <https://twitter.com/opencontracting> and
#opencontracting <https://twitter.com/search?q=%23opencontracting&src=typd>

Georg Neumann
Senior Communications Manager
*Open Contracting Partnership*

f: +1-202-714-4460
t: @georg_neu
w: www.open-contracting.org

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