[okfn-za] Request for help: creating an open African mining database

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Jun 4 15:35:37 UTC 2013

On 31 May 2013 16:40, Justin Arenstein <justinarenstein at gmail.com> wrote:

> Will do.
> Rufus, I actually chatted briefly to Michael while in Accra earlier this
> week, suggesting that we explore mounting a joint Data Expedition into
> specific types of extractives data in Africa. There is loads of scraping /
> liberation than needs to happen. We can then ensure that folk actually
> built stuff with the resulting data.
> How do we make it happen?

I think mounting a joint data expedition on this would be great. I think
natural place to connect is School of Data (mailing list and to identify
someone who would be local "data
who will help run and "guide" the data expedition!


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