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This is really exciting, good luck Durban!


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On 16 July 2015 at 9:21:32 PM, Adi Eyal (adi at code4sa.org) wrote:

Great stuff is happening in Ethekwini. A new open data group called  
Open Data Durban has formed. I presented at their second meeting this  
Tuesday. We had a fairly good turnout.  

Also exciting is that the City of Ethekini is currently working on an  
open data policy. We're hoping to see the first draft in the next few  
months. I have a feeling that they are going to give Cape Town a run  
for their money. If you are based in Durban, I recommend getting in  
touch or joining the ODD meetup group for event updates  

I wrote a short blog post about the event here:  


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