[okfn-za] Job posting: Data Scientist Contract for City of Cape Town

Alan Levin alan at isoc.org.za
Mon Feb 8 10:50:40 UTC 2016



On 26 Jan 2016, at 10:53 PM, Adi Eyal <adi at code4sa.org> wrote:
> I never thought the day would come. See the job advert below:

:) awesome news… 

> City of Cape Town is looking for a Data Scientist for their Open Data Portal. This is a contract position for 6months.

I expect that this position is not limited to only 6 months, the contracts are almost always renewed. 

Unfortunately the contract positions can only be filled by employees of one of ±20 companies that are on the COCT tender list of providers. 

If anyone wishes to bid on this post then you are welcome to be in touch with me as one of our companies is on this list.

Hope this helps,



> Job Functions include:-
> Help to source data from custodian departments.
> Clean sourced data and prepare for public consumption.
> Help develop quality checking procedures to be applied before any data set is published.
> Tasks would include: 
> Assist in sourcing data,including engaging with custodian departments to extract data from their systems
> Compile  relevant metadata for datasets
> Prepare data for publication, including data cleaning
> Check/quality assure datasets and fix any errors in accessing the datasets
> Format of datasets into appropriate file types
> Verification of data against different sources

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