[Open-access] The OA Interviews: Ian Gibson, former Chairman of the UK House of Commons Science & Technology Committee

Richard Poynder ricky at richardpoynder.co.uk
Tue Oct 30 10:56:06 UTC 2012

Like all successful movements, Open Access (OA) has experienced a number of
milestone events. Amongst the more significant of these were the creation of
the physics preprint repository arXiv in 1991, the 1994 Subversive Proposal,
the 2002 Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI), and the introduction in
2005 of the first  Open Access Policy of the US National Institutes of
Health (NIH).


However, one of the more interesting but less celebrated events in the
history of OA is surely the 2004 Inquiry into scientific publication
conducted by the UK House of Commons Science & Technology Committee. The
inquiry seems particularly noteworthy in the wake of this year's
controversial Finch Report, and the new OA policy that Research Councils UK
(RCUK) announced in response ...


... Given the very different conclusions that the Finch Committee had
reached earlier this year, I became keen to find out more about the origins
and the process of the 2004 Inquiry. So I contacted Dr Ian Gibson, the then
Chairman of the Science & Technology Select Committee, and Labour MP for
Norwich North. To my delight, he agreed to do an interview with me ...


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