[Open-access] An Open World Bohr Conference 4-6 December

Everton Zanella Alvarenga tom at okfn.org.br
Tue Dec 3 19:02:15 UTC 2013

"Science, Technology and Society in the Light of Niels Bohr's Thoughts

The University of Copenhagen is gathering international researchers and
decision-makers to explore how open access to information and scientific
cooperation can help us manage global problems. The conference will focus
on contemporary challenges in bioethics, economics, politics, climate,
warfare and information technology. We ask:

• Is open access to information the answer to challenges from
new technologies?
• What initiatives can improve the relationship between science and

*The action - a new open letter*
In 1950 Niels Bohr wrote an open letter to the
UN<http://www.nba.nbi.dk/files/gym/leth.htm> in
which he urged world leaders to address the challenges of new technologies.
His ideal was “an open world” with free sharing of knowledge and
international co-operation. The conference reinvigorates Bohr’s vision, and
will conclude by writing a new open letter to the UN."

More information here: http://bohr-conference2013.ku.dk/

Is someone here going?

Everton Zanella Alvarenga (also Tom)
OKF Brasil - Rede pelo Conhecimento Livre
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