[Open-access] [open-science] OKF at Open Repositories 2014

Bjoern Brembs b.brembs at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 09:36:58 UTC 2013

On Thursday, December 5, 2013, 10:01:47 AM, you wrote:

> We'd like to make repositories a big part of the tool.
> We're currently tossing around ideas (some concrete some
> not) around leveraging databases like openDOAR (and the
> repositories indexed there) as a way to give our users
> access to papers, and building in ways to promote
> researchers depositing papers. One of our dev team is also
> wanting to create a way for authors to submit open access
> versions of papers directly to us - which, if it worked
> would almost create a repository-type system. 


- Repositories must become the first (and eventually only) way to get scientific literature: global search for all scientific literature from 1664 to today.

- New (OA) literature needs to be harvested automatically, not deposited by author by hand.

This is the future we should have had 10-20 years ago...


Björn Brembs
Universität Regensburg

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