[Open-access] FOSsil Bank Update (7 July 2013)

Chris Sakkas sanglorian at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 02:44:49 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

Here’s the second half of the monster FOSsil Bank Update.

As always, please get in touch if you’ve found any libre or shareable
content and I’ll chuck it on the wiki.

Commonly has launched the Open Bundle, with assets (sprites, art,
soundtracks) for several games. Pay what you want. If they raise more than
$10,000, everything is CC0 licensed. (9 days left; $6,348/$10,000)

Librivox, one of the stalwarts of the free culture scene - offering
thousands of public domain audiobooks - is asking for $50,000 in
contributions by the 10th of August.

The Subaqueous: USB Splash Drive and Remix Album
it! (CC BY-SA; $2,930/$2,222)

28 hours left for the second Future of Copyright Contest on
Already a proven
last year. (CC BY-SA; 28 hours left; $503/$500)

Assets from an abandoned Blender game project were ransomed on
a few assets have already been shared. (CC0; $675/$500)

Data Dealer  <http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cuteacute/data-dealer>is
an online game about collecting and selling personal data (CC BY-SA; 4 days
left; $28,720/$50,000)

Lunduke <http://lunduke.com/?p=4446>, a game designer and comic creator, is
releasing all of his works as libre to try to make a living off of it.

The Foundations for an Open Source
now on Lulu and Amazon. (CC BY-SA; $7 EPUB, $7 Kindle, $15 hardcopy)

The Software Freedom Conservancy <https://sfconservancy.org/campaign/> is
running a fundraising campaign to develop an open source non-profit
accounting software. ($52,867/$75,000)

Tabletop Games

Fate Accelerated
a lite version of the fractal tabletop roleplaying game Fate. CC BY

Fate Core System <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:fate-core-system> is
the extended version of the fractal tabletop roleplaying game Fate. CC BY
and OGL

The d6 System <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/engine:d6-system> is a
tabletop game engine. OGL

HG Wells <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/source:hg-wells> is a famous
author. Public domain

Ryan St <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/source:ryan-st> is a tabletop game
designer. OGL

Otherkind Dice <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/engine:otherkind-dice> is an
engine for tabletop games.

TakeOnRules <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/source:takeonrules> publishes
supplements for Dungeon World. CC BY

James D Hargrove <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/source:james-d-hargrove> is
a tabletop game designer. OGL

Wizards of the Coast <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/source:wotc> is a
tabletop game publisher. OGL

Ronin Arts <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/source:ronin-arts> is a tabletop
game publisher. OGL
Spanish Language

Cosmo Noticias <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:cosmo-noticias> has
information about space in Spanish. CC BY-SA

OpenLibra <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:openlibra> is catalogue of
English and Spanish books. While the site is CC BY, I’m not sure about the
books themselves.

Linvix <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:linvix> is a Spanish Linux
magazine. CC BY-SA

Yorokobu <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:yorokobu> is a Spanish
language magazine about innovation, inspiration, trends, sustainability and
the adventures of entrepreneurs. CC BY-SA

Diagonal <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:diagonal> is a Spanish
language periodical. CC BY-SA

Traficantes de Sueños<http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:traficantes-de-suenos>is
a Spanish book publisher. CC BY-SA

4uPress <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:4upress> is a crowdsourced
Spanish newspaper. CC BY-SA

Quomun <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:qomun> is a directory of
shareable works (most in Spanish). The site describes itself simultaneously
as CC BY-SA and CC BY-NC-ND.
Proprietary Shareable Works

The WIRED CD <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:the-wired-cd> is a
collection of songs (most from major artists like the Beastie Boys). CC
Sampling or CC NC-Sampling

Smarthistory <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:smarthistory>, hosted by
Khan Academy, is an OER for art history. CC BY-NC-SA

Balloon Suite <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:balloon-suite> is the
soundtrack for the computer game Balloon Diaspora. CC BY-NC-ND

Hacking Politics <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:hacking-politics> is
a book about the defeat of SOPA. CC BY-NC-SA

Berin Kinsman <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/source:berin-kinsman> is a
game designer with a couple under his belt. CC BY-NC-SA or CC BY-NC

Independent Australia<http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:independent-australia>publishes
most, maybe all, articles under CC BY-NC-ND.

Practical Survivor
<http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:practical-survivor>has advice on
how to survive in the wild. CC BY-NC-ND

Dynamo <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:dynamo> is a sci-fi/fantasy
webseries. CC BY-NC-SA

Always/Never/Now <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:always-never-now> is
a Lady Blackbird-esque tabletop RPG. CC BY-NC-SA

Thou Shal<http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:thou-shalt-not-commit-logical-fallacies>t
Not Commit Logical
a website that has information on logical fallacies presented in an
engaging way. CC BY-NC

Numeros Rojos <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:numeros-rojos> is a
Spanish magazine. CC BY-NC-SA

No Rock Solo <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:no-rock-solo> is a
Spanish music blog-magazine. CC BY-NC

Till next time,


*Chris Sakkas
**Admin of the FOSsil Bank wiki <http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/> and the Living
Libre blog <http://www.livinglibre.com> and Twitter
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