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Heather Morrison Heather.Morrison at uottawa.ca
Thu Jan 23 23:27:23 UTC 2014

Thank you very much, Mark ~ just to be sure we are all clear on what you are talking about, a question for you below ~

On 2014-01-23, at 5:13 PM, Mark MacGillivray wrote:

The theoretical service I described does not embed scholarly articles in software. It delivers such articles to consumers, via a method that is implemented using software that I write, amongst other things.

This service performs a function, therefore it cannot be achieved without effort. In return for expending the effort of creating and maintaining the service, I require reimbursement - because if I cannot engage in fair trade for my skills, I have no choice but to seek alternative ways to survive.


It sounds to me like you are planning a service that involves charging people to deliver open access articles. This would be similar to RightsLink taking free open access articles and charging people for them. Am I getting this right? 


Heather Morrison 

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