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Hi folks,

Here's another FOSsil Bank update.
Big News – Free & Open Works

The big news is that I'm slowly working on creating *Free & Open Works*,
the heir to the FOSsil Bank. Free & Open Works (FAOW) uses Semantic
MediaWiki, which allows entries to be submitted by filling in a form,
instead of expecting people to use a complicated links-and-tagging system
like Wikidot requires. It also has nice touches like being entirely free
and open source, allowing redirects, and having a host which is ad-free.

FAOW is limping along, and won't be ready to go before January, at least.
But please do check it out here: http://faow.referata.com/. I'm keen to
know what you think of it, especially if you're familiar with MediaWiki and
Semantic MediaWiki and might be able to give me a hand.

Because of the upcoming transition to FAOW, new FOSsil Bank entries just
have barebones details.
Living Libre updates


   “Towards a Monopoly Marketplace” - summary of a law honours thesis
   suggesting certain copyright reforms:

   “Making My Own Piecepack” - photos of the piecepack that I designed:


If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about

I tweet from https://twitter.com/living_libre


*Mooltipass *is an offline FLOSS password keeper. (25 days left;
$51,551/$109,112; fixed funding):

*Libre Calendar 2015 *has 12 artworks from different creators, and money
raised goes to them and FLOSS software developers. Art is CC BY. (21 days
left; €15 per calendar): http://librecal2015.libreart.info/en/

*pEp *is a project to deliver easy, FLOSS encryption for everyone (16 days
left; $41,196/$50,000):

*Headshot *is a psychological thriller from unglue.it. Has been released
under CC BY-SA, you can thank the author ($3 raised so far, from me):

*Issues in Open Data *discusses the implications of the Panton Principles.
CC BY – yet to be released, but successfully funded on unglue.it
(completed; $1,264/$1,200): https://unglue.it/work/140086/

*Crystal Picnic *is a FLOSS action RPG, to be released under a public
domain licence. (11 days left; $291/$1,500):

*Mike Causey *makes game hacks, adventures and game add-ons on Patreon. CC
BY-SA. ($47/month so far): http://www.patreon.com/markcausey

*ccMixter *is a remix and sample site that's all CC licensed (not all FLO).
They're doing a fundraising drive to upgrade the site and keep it running.
(15 days left; flexible funding; $10,481/$44,444):

*No Country for Old Kobolds *is a CC BY hack of Dungeon World*, *a tabletop
RPG. Text will be CC BY (concluded; $11,596/$3,500):

*Growstuff *is an open database for food growers everywhere. (concluded;
$6,778/$20,000; flexible funding):

*Kenney Land *is a game dev place in the Netherlands. (concluded;
$10,430/$40,000; flexible funding):

*AXIOM Beta *is the world’s first open digital cinema camera (concluded;
€204,213/€100,000; fixed funding):
New FOSsil Bank Entries

All are free/open, at least in part.

*The Infinite Voyager *is a website that allows you to explore the media
sent into space on the Voyager II discs. (CC0)

 *Monkaa *is a cute short film made in Blender and GIMP and about a monkey
that develops superpowers. (CC BY):

 *Class Warfare *is a supplement for tabletop RPG Dungeon World that lets
you create your own character classes. (CC BY-SA):

 *The Open Standard *is a new online newspaper from Mozilla. (CC BY-SA):

 *3D Printed Piecepack *is the instructions to create your own 3D-printed
piecepack set. (CC BY-SA):

 *Sketchfab *is a website of 3D models for viewing and download. They've
just started a download section, all of which are under CC licences of one
sort or another. http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:sketchfab

 *NASA *has some great public domain resources.

 *Material Icons *are vector symbols created by Google. (CC BY-SA):

 *They Vote for You *displays the voting records of Australian
representatives. (ODB):

 *The State Library of Queensland *has made many of its public domain
images available for download in high resolution. (Public domain; CC BY):

 *Graca's Dream *is a picturebook. (CC BY):

 *Project: Ballad *is a webcomic. (CC BY-SA):

 *Headshot *is a psychological thriller on unglue-it. (CC BY-SA):

 *Issues in Open Research Data *explores the practical and theoretical
challenges of open data. (CC BY):

 *Dark Dungeons *has a wiki in the works. (Public domain; OGL):

 *Obrary *is a site for design specifications. (CC BY-SA):

 *WikiSeat *is the design for a seat. (CC BY-SA):

 *Ficlatte *is the replacement to microfiction site Ficly. (CC BY-SA):

 *Iron Edda *is a tabletop roleplaying game with Vikings and mecha. (CC
BY-SA): http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/entry:iron-edda

 *Skitterphoto *posts high resolution public domain photos.

 *Ways to Practice Responsible Development Data *has one of those titles
that says it all. (CC BY-SA):


*Chris Sakkas**Admin of the FOSsil Bank wiki
<http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/> and the Living Libre blog
<http://www.livinglibre.com> and Twitter feed
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