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On February 14th 2002, a group of diverse stakeholders came together to
accelerate progress in the international effort to make research articles
in all academic fields freely available on the internet. The participants
represented many points of view, academic disciplines, initiatives and
nations, and together they examined effective and affordable strategies for
serving the interests of research, researchers, and the institutions and
societies that support research. They committed to working together to
achieve broader, deeper, and faster success and launched an effort
worldwide campaign for providing “Open Access” to all peer-reviewed
research - an effort that has become known as known as the Budapest Open
Access Initiative (BOAI). The BOAI is at once a statement of principle, a
statement of strategy, and a statement of commitment.

This February we will celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the BOAI, which has
served the standard bearer and source of the widely accepted definition of
Open Access. As we near this milestone, it is important to take the
time to reflect
on the values, impact, and continued relevance of the BOAI. Your
contribution will help shape the movement going forwards. Please take this
opportunity to fill in the survey linked to below. The feedback you provide
will be used to create updated recommendations to the Open Access community
to help focus our collective efforts to sustain momentum towards achieving
the goals of the BOAI.

Please provide your feedback here:


Kelsey Wiens

Consultant to the BOAI

Kelsey Wiens
Creative Commons Public Lead, Canada

Twitter:     bella_velo <https://twitter.com/bella_velo>
Web:        bellavelo.me <http://www.bellavelo.ca/>
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