[Open-access] Applications to attend OpenCon 2016 in Washington, DC (including scholarships) are open - share with your networks!

Joseph Mcarthur joe at righttoresearch.org
Mon Jun 6 20:26:13 UTC 2016

Hi friends,

Applications to attend OpenCon 2016 in Washington, DC on November 12-14 are
officially open! You can apply now at www.opencon2016.org/apply. OpenCon is
a place for the next generation to learn about Open Access, Open Education,
and Open Data, develop critical skills, and catalyze action toward a more
open system for sharing the world’s information. The application form
includes the option to request a full travel scholarship, which will be
awarded to most selected participants who require them to attend.

[ Apply now <http://www.opencon2016.org/apply> ]

Applications will remain open for 5 weeks—until July 11th at 11:59pm U.S.
Pacific Time. However, we strongly encourage people to apply early

Like previous years, OpenCon 2016 will feature a program of keynotes, panel
discussions, workshops, and hackathons on Open Access, Open Education, and
Open Data. Participants will build skills in key areas, network with
diverse attendees from dozens of nations around the world, and engage with
leading speakers. Speakers at the first two OpenCon conferences have
included Jimmy Wales (Co-founder of Wikipedia), Amy Rosenbaum (Director of
Legislative Affairs to the President of the United States), and Mike Eisen
and Pat Brown (Co-founders of PLOS).

You can also help us spread the word about OpenCon 2016 by encouraging your
friends and colleagues to apply! If you share these posts on Facebook
<https://www.facebook.com/OpenConGlobal/posts/540062592863030> and Twitter
<https://twitter.com/open_con/status/739793587035090944> (or write your
own); forward this email to others or to relevant email
lists; or
 write a piece about the event for your organization’s newsletter/blog.
We’ve created a suite of posts, blogs, graphics and posters to help you do
this here <http://www.opencon2016.org/sharing_resources>.

[ Share the news on
<https://twitter.com/open_con/status/739793587035090944> ]   [ Share the
news on Facebook
<https://www.facebook.com/OpenConGlobal/posts/540062592863030> ]

The OpenCon conference and community are only possible with the support of
leading organizations with a strong commitment to
 student and early career academic professional involvement across Open
Access, Open Education, and Open Data. We deeply appreciate the support of
our past sponsors, including the Max Planck Society, PLOS, eLife, BioMed
Central, SpringerOpen, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Overleaf,
Microsoft Research, Figshare, Creative Commons USA, and the more than 30
universities and organizations that have sponsored individual scholarships.
If your organization is interested in supporting OpenCon, you can find more
information and a variety of sponsorship opportunities at

OpenCon is more than just a conference - it’s also a community. We hope
that you can become an active part of the community by joining our
discussion list <http://opencon2015.org/community/discussion>, tuning in
for our monthly community calls
<http://www.opencon2016.org/community_calls> (especially
our newly launched early career librarian call) and webcasts
<http://www.opencon2016.org/community_webcasts>, or hosting an OpenCon
satellite event <http://www.opencon2016.org/satellite>.

Thanks to everyone on the list who's supported OpenCon already, your
support has been vital!

Nick Shockey, Nicole
 and Joe McArthur,
On behalf of the OpenCon 2016 Organizing Committee
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