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Stefano Costa stefano.costa at okfn.org
Fri Jun 11 07:46:02 UTC 2010

Dear all,
yesterday Jonathan and I had a brief call for coordinating the upcoming
activity of the working group. The idea is to have regular phone
meetings (via Skype, for now) for discussing our agenda and making
progress on specific actions, just like other OKFN working groups do.

OKFN has a general schedule of regular phone meetings, you can see it at
http://wiki.okfn.org/wg/schedule - for now we have allocated a 2-hours
slot on the third Wednesday at 16:00 BST, which means:
      * 16 June
      * 21 July
      * 18 August
      * 15 September

The first meeting is scheduled for the next week and it will help us in
understanding how OKFN works and what we expect to do in the long term
as a working group. We will also discuss one specific action, namely the
creation and distribution of a questionnaire for a crowdsourced research
about archaeological data in different countries. I'm sending a separate
e-mail for that later today.

I have created a Doodle poll at http://doodle.com/afv2mgg2z2dkucgf -
please fill the poll with your name so we can get an idea of how many
people are going to participate.

If there are many people who cannot attend at the scheduled dates and
time, we can certainly rearrange them, but as a general rule don't worry
if you are missing just one, as we will be keeping minutes. I'm
particularly interested in getting in touch with people from countries
other than UK.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Ciao Stefano

Stefano Costa

Coordinator, Working Group on Open Data in Archaeology
The Open Knowledge Foundation
http://www.okfn.org · http://opendefinition.org/
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