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Stefano Costa stefano.costa at okfn.org
Thu Jun 24 11:06:13 UTC 2010

Just a quick note to say that this is *amazing* news. Rufus, Stefano
and I were just talking about this project and its great to hear that
you will be opening up!

Any chance of a brief guest post on the OKF blog once this is out the door?

All the best,


On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 4:13 PM, Eleanor Robson <er264 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Dear Stefano and colleagues,
> thanks for your patience and persistence! The short answer is yes, we are
> still very interested. I'm sorry for the long silence, but we've had a good
> excuse: shortly after my initial meeting with Rufus, my group decided that
> we should rebrand (as we kept being confused with another, less open project
> with a similar name) and also use that opportunity to have a massive
> rationalisation of our file structure, programming, documentation, etc.,
> etc. which should finally be finished and go public at the end of this
> month.
> Our new name is Oracc (the Open, Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus) and you
> can find us at http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/ There's still a bit of
> housekeeping and tidying up do (including CC at-sa licenses to add). But --
> as I hope will be obvious from our new name -- one of the things we wanted
> to do was to be much more explicit about our commitment to openness; I still
> need to make that a bit clearer in our
> http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/osc-about.html with, most obviously, a link to
> you guys and the Open Knowledge Definition.
> In short, we're pretty much ready to go now, give or take a few tweaks, and
> to get more involved in bigger things (within our means of course: there are
> just the three of us  -- me in Cambridge, Steve in Philadelphia and Niek at
> Berkeley -- and we all do this unfunded, on top of full-time teaching and
> research, like many of you do too, I guess).
> All best,
> Eleanor
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> On 22 Jun 2010, at 14:51, Stefano Costa wrote:
>> Il giorno dom, 14/03/2010 alle 17.49 +0000, Eleanor Robson ha scritto:
>>> Thank you all very much for your continued interest. OKF is on the
>>> agenda for the next CDL Steering Group Meeting, on Friday evening --
>>> our first since I met Rufus a few weeks back.
>> Eleanor,
>> are there any news about the Cuneiform Digital Library interest in open
>> knowledge ?
>> All the best,
>> Stefano
>> (CC'ing open-archaeology)
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