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Hi Steko, 

Well spotted. As much as I want all mehods to be open immediately, a number of people at AARG saw this as a barrier to engagement as they want first option to exploit developments (or some other similar reason). Hence, I want to strike a balance, initialy in the short-term, between being open and getting people involved. As soon as the resource is used and embedded in work and development practice then I hope that this wont be an issue.

I agree wiki is the obvious route to go down, although there might be other frameworks. 

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Il giorno ven, 17/09/2010 alle 07.05 +0100, Anthony Beck ha scritto:
> Excellent. Thanks. More people at the AARG conference are expressing
> interest in this. I got a tweet from jo Walsh yesterday suggesting I
> put this forward as a project for the OKF. I'll do this when I get
> back unless there are any objections.

Hi Ant,
the idea and the interest of many people are both good to me. One thing
I found a bit problematic is the "only open to the active community
until agreed public release" - but we can define this properly later
also based on what OKF says about use of its own infrastructure and

What I'm more curious about is which kind of tool/environment we will be
using. Everything you and Colleen wrote makes me think of using a wiki
with text, images, audio and video content (IIRC the ADS best practices
are forged using a private wiki as well). Wiki has history, discussion
separate from content, etc. Anyway, I'm very biased positively towards
wikis so feel free to suggest other tools.

Ideally content could be enriched with open datasets for specific


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