[open-archaeology] proposal to present a paper at CAA 2012

Anthony Beck A.R.Beck at leeds.ac.uk
Mon Dec 5 10:49:30 UTC 2011

Hi Stefano,

Sorry about the delay in getting back.

Any chance you could stick a summary of the Granada stuff on an Etherpad which we can then contribute to. I'm flat out with a number of things so can;t be substantive but can contribute.



On 02/12/11 15:27, Stefano Costa wrote:

Dear working group members,
my previous call for writers was kindly accepted by Nicole Beale and
Leif Isaksen, who wrote a very comprehensive piece to be published soon
on the main OKFN blog at http://blog.okfn.org/ (I will post here to
notify all and invite to further discussion).

Now, given that the deadline for submitting abstracts to CAA 2012 has
been extended until Wednesday 7th December [0] I would like to invite
all the working group to submit an abstract about the specific goals of
this working group (that I already mentioned briefly at CAA 2010 in
Granada), together with an overview of open licenses for archaeological
data. We could easily draw inspiration from the FAQ (still in progress,
unfortunately) [1] we started editing before last summer.

Abstracts must be 500 words at most.

Everybody is welcome, even newcomers, so don't be shy :-)


[0] http://www.southampton.ac.uk/caa2012/news/news30112011.shtml
[1] http://archeo.okfnpad.org/faq

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