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[Apologies for cross-posting]

Dear all,

This message is to advise you that the deadline has been moved forward from
September 22nd to September 28th !

You still have some days left to submit your own proposal for the
forthcoming GNewArchaeology workshop[1].

The event will take place on the October 13th – 14th, 2011 at the Department
of Biologia ed Evoluzione of the University of Ferrara.

» something about the workshop

The GNewArchaeology workshop is part of a cultural project promoted and
organized by the students from the University of Ferrara and funded by the
Cultural Fund of the University of Ferrara.

The goal of the workshop is to create, with presentations, tutorials and
round table discussions, opportunities for meeting and debating about topics
regarding the use and divulgation of free and open source softwares aimed at
he public institutions and particularly at archaeological research
processes. Infact the circulation of scientific data, free from copyright,
is one of the principal issue to deal with, in order to build an open
archaeology science and in order to support a great cultural renewal. The
workshop is on the track of projects such as ArcheoFOSS[2] and communities
that are becoming more and more numerous.
Mornings will be devoted to introductive sessions to the FLOSS Culture.
Relations, debates, screenings of documentaries and distributions of
informative materials will be organized in collaboration with local Linux
User Group[3]. Afternoons will focus on a more technical approach with
talks, round-table discussions and tutorials about topics regarding FLOSS
aimed at archaeological research processes.

» how to participate

The participation to the workshop is free.

All your proposal on any aspect of using free software in archaeological
research, creating, publishing and reusing open archaeological data, are
welcome. Major Topics include (but are not limited to):

# Introduction to FLOSS

# FLOSS in archaeology (tools for storage and processing, analysing,

# Open geospatial data

# Open Science and Open Data in Academic Research

The workshop will have several formats and ways in which you can

# Long presentation session (60 minutes)

# Short presentation session (15 to 30 minutes)

# Tutorials (60 to 120 minutes): you can present your topics or projects
doing pratical activities with a small group of people.

Official languages are: Italian / English

Accommodations for the speakers will be on charge of the organization.

» We are looking forward your participation! If you want to take part to the
workshop, please, submit your own proposal here[4].

I hope to see you in Ferrara.

Best regards

The GNewArchaeology team

Università degli Studi di Ferrara

[1] http://www.gnewarchaeology.it/
[2] http://www.archeo.unina.it/archeofoss/
[3] http://ferrara.linux.it/
[4] http://www.gnewarchaeology.it/?page_id=243
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