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Hi all -

Apologies, you may have seen this on other mailing lists, but just in case
I thought I'd post it here. We at L - P : Archaeology were asked to
circulate the survey as we are involved indirectly through Fasti Online,
who is one of the participating repositories in ARIADNE. They are
attempting to take the pulse on who the "stakeholders" are for
archaeological data, what they want, and what gaps exist in terms of access
but also in terms of availability of specific types of archaeological
datasets (specialist, regional, etc.).

It's a 20 min survey, but seems there's a couple of iPads up for grabs so
maybe some incentive to fill it out!

Best wishes,

*Forwarded from Sandra Schoen (Schön) and Hannes Selhofer at Salzburg
Dear Sir / Madam,

We kindly ask you to participate in an online-survey about data access in
archaeological research. With your support, we will be able to bring
archaeological information systems a step forward.

The survey addresses researchers in archaeology, directors of
archaeological research institutes and managers of digital data
repositories. It explores user requirements, current practices, and gaps
with regard to the access to research data in archaeology. It approximately
takes about 20 minutes.


The survey is part of the ARIADNE project, an e-infrastructure project
funded by the European Commission under the Community's Seventh Framework
Programme (http://www.ariadne-infrastructure.eu/). The survey is managed by
Salzburg Research GmbH on behalf of the ARIADNE project consortium. Contact
details are available on the start page of the online questionnaire.

Win an iPad: With a bit of luck you can win one of two iPads (or other
tablet computers - depending on the winner’s choice), which will be raffled
off among all respondents.

Thank you very much for taking the time,

best regards

Sandra Schoen (Schön) and Hannes Selhofer
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