[open-bibliography] Open Access licences and the OpenDOAR Policy Tool

Christopher Gutteridge cjg at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Apr 1 16:59:16 UTC 2010

Most of the OAI stuff which can be configured via this tool is put into 
to the RDF

Perhaps they could add a license picker for metadata in general?

David Shotton wrote:
> Dear Christopher,
> Reading your remark "but the license will not appear until they pick 
> one.", I am reminded of the very nice OpenDOAR Policies Tool interface 
> (http://www.opendoar.org/tools/en/policies.php) provided by Peter 
> Millington to permit users to choose access policies for their 
> repositories, of which I am sure you are aware. 
> Last August I wrote to Peter about extending the OpenDOAR Policy Tool 
> for assigning RDF metadata according to Science Commons data 
> licences.  He replied:
>     Your proposed adaptation of the /Open/DOAR Policy Tool for
>     licenses for depositing data in open access repositories is
>     interesting and potentially of more general benefit to /Open/DOAR
>     users. I would be happy therefore to provide you with the
>     necessary PHP source code and advice.
> Well, this is not something I am able to do myself, nor have manpower 
> to devote to at present, but perhaps you or someone in OKF or CC can 
> accept Peter's kind offer and make something of this.
> David
> Christopher Gutteridge wrote:
>> Maybe I should just teach the controversy then?
>> The decision for our local RDF data will have to be made "above my pay 
>> grade". But I'll try to frame it as between public domain, -by and 
>> -by-nocommercial
>> I'm about to do the first RDF release of the software and today we are 
>> running a training course in EPrints & Linked data at Southampton. Any 
>> suggestions welcome! I'll happily add more suggested licenses to the 
>> default release of the software, and a link to the discussion too!
>> Partly, though, the data consuming community will need to nag each admin 
>> to add a license as EPrints 3.2.1 will provide RDF out of the box, but 
>> the license will not appear until they pick one.
>> Rufus Pollock wrote:
>>> On 25 March 2010 21:41, David Shotton <david.shotton at zoo.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
>>>> Dear Christopher,
>>>> There has been considerable discussion, I understand, between OKF and CC
>>>> about data licenses, which may be still ongoing.  CC is now recommending
>>>> their "CCZero" license for datasets, since this avoids the potential problem
>>>> of managing the "attribution stacking" that would result from automatic
>>>> data  aggregation from several sources using conventional attribution
>>>> licenses of any kind.  You  are advised to take these arguments into
>>>> consideration before deciding what to do for EPrints.
>>> I must say here that here at the OKF we really don't think that
>>> attribution-stacking is an issue.
>>> We are also consider attribution-sharealike type licenses as "open" --
>>> and Open Data Commons, which is an OKF supported project, produces
>>> such licenses. There is a ongoing, lengthy and friendly disagreement
>>> on this score between John Wilbanks and us on this matter (I can point
>>> people to more background on this if they want it :) )
>>>> For FlyTED (http://www.fly disagreement on this sc had long disagreements-ted.org), which as you know uses the EPrints
>>>> software platform, we have, after discussions with John Wilbanks, adopted
>>>> CCZero licenses for metadata and thumbnails, and normal CC attribution
>>>> licences for high resolution images.
>>> We think public domain licenses whether the PDDL or the CCZero to be
>>> great too :)
>>>> Dryad (http://datadryad.org/repo), which is a repository for datasets linked
>>>> to journal articles, has also adopted CCZero licenses.
>>> That's great to hear.
>>> Rufus
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