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Sun Dec 12 18:29:16 UTC 2010

Another embedding I have used extensively is

links = {http://...  anchor 1
	http://...  anchor 2
         .....  },

which contains the same info except for the "rel" and other attributes of the link.
A third option would be 

link_1_html = {... },
link_2_html = {... },

where the ... is a plain html rep of the link e.g. <a href="$url$" rel = "$rel$" title = "$title$" .... >$anchor$</a>
It is a general question for this group to consider:
How best to choose and promote such simple ad hoc extensions of common standards which can be
round-tripped to BibJSON without loss of information? 
Promotion of such extensions could play a big role in adoption/expansion of BibJSON/BibServer.
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