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Adrian Pohl pohl at hbz-nrw.de
Wed Jun 30 09:01:54 BST 2010

Greetings Patrick. It's nice to have you on this list.

>>>Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org> schrieb am Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010 um
> Just to follow up from this -- I understand that the libraries
> involved in Europeana are in final stages of negotiating licensing
> terms. Any evidence or arguments about why Europeana should make the
> bibliographic metadata *open* (as in opendefinition.org) would be very
> much appreciated! In particular I understand that many libraries
> currently want to release with NC restrictions.
> Jonathan

At least Europeana has already released a Public Domain Charter which advocates putting digitizations of Public Domain works in the Public Domain: http://version1.europeana.eu/web/europeana-project/publications 

Of course this charta doesn't legally bind the data providers but it seems that Europeana has realized one thing: Having to negotiate terms with every single data provider is very inhibitive and could jeopardize the success of a project like Europeana. At least Europeana's quality would be clearly below a comparable project where all partners have an open-only policy.

But, as discussed on this list, licensing problems aren't limited to content but also come up regarding metadata. And the problem is that lots of institutions don't think about making their data open. We already discussed this in the context of Europeana at the OKFN-de mailing list and Jakob Voss suggested [1] to develop a recommendation for releasing metadata from libraries, archives and museums under an open license which could be published with partners like Europeana, Wikimedia, Creative Commons and the like.

I think this is a good approach and could have some impact. What do you think?

The people on the OKFN open-heritage mailing list might also be interested to participate in this...


[1] http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/okfn-de/2010-May/000077.html 

> On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 12:22 PM, Patrick Peiffer
> <peiffer.patrick at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> allow me to introduce myself (thanks to jonathan gray for inviting me)
>> i work at the national library of luxembourg (www.bnl.lu) where I
>> manage the national consortium for scientific information
>> (www.portail.bnl.lu, www.consortium.lu). In the Europeana Connect project
>> i'm work package leader "licensing", drafting the agreements for partners
>> (libraries, museums, archives, a/v archives) and end users. Non-profit wise
>> I am project lead for CC Luxembourg.
>> My main interest here: moving forward the liberal licensing of metadata by
>> providing tangible examples of its benefits.
>> Best,
>> Patrick Peiffer
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