[open-bibliography] Virtual meeting 2011-08-02, 15:00 GMT

Peter Murray-Rust pm286 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Aug 1 21:51:01 UTC 2011

On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 10:14 PM, Adrian Pohl <adrian.pohl at okfn.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> the 14th virtual meeting of the OKFN Working Group on Open
> Bibliographic Data is scheduled tomorrow (August, 2nd) at 15:00 GMT.
> I am afraid I cannot make it as I shall be on a train to the repofringe at
Edinburgh - where we hope to talk a lot about Bibliography. It's critical we
keep the momentum going.  ?There may be a critical mass IRL in Ediburgh for
the meeting?


Peter Murray-Rust
Reader in Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Dep. Of Chemistry
University of Cambridge
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