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Karen Coyle kcoyle at kcoyle.net
Tue Aug 2 15:31:13 UTC 2011

Wow. I feel like LOD is just become something like an avalanche --  
unstoppable movement.

I was looking at a number of LOD projects the other day and for many I  
couldn't find a statement of properties used, list of vocabularies,  
etc. That would be VERY helpful for re-use of the data. Could we do  
something to encourage this kind of documentation accompanying the  
data sets? I feel like the community might be ready for some  
"publishing data best practices," and documentation is a good start, no?


Quoting Owen Stephens <owen at ostephens.com>:

> You may already be aware of these but a couple of JISC projects  
> completed at the end of July which are publishing open bibliographic  
> data:
> Cambridge University Library (following it's earlier release of MARC  
> records) has now released 2.2 million records as RDF/Linked Data  
> under ODC-PDDL (see http://data.lib.cam.ac.uk/datasets.php)
> University of Lincoln have released a variety of datasets including  
> library catalogue records, institutional repository records,  
> e-journal (title) records and journal table of contents information  
> - records are available via an API as RDF/XML, JSON or RIS. Data is  
> licensed as CC0 except the tables of contents stuff which is CC-BY.  
> See  
> http://jerome.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/2011/08/01/its-the-final-blog-post/ for  
> more details.
> Both projects have also produce a range of open source  
> tools/software that would enable other institutions to do the same -  
> some already available and some 'coming soon'
> Owen
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