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Databib, http://databib.org, is a tool for helping people to identify and
locate online repositories of research data. Over 200 data repositories
have been cataloged in Databib, with more being added every week. Users and
bibliographers create and curate records that describe data repositories
that users can browse and search.

* What repositories are appropriate for a researcher to submit his or her
data to?
* How do users find appropriate data repositories and discover datasets to
meet their needs?
* How can librarians help patrons locate and integrate data into their
research or learning?

Databib begins to address these needs for data users, data producers,
publishers, librarians, funding agencies, and others engaged in data-driven

In addition to the website, Databib is made available using a variety of
machine interfaces (RSS, RDF/XML, OpenSearch, RDFa/Linked Data) for easy
integration with other tools and environments without restriction (CC0).
Databib's international advisory board represents global support for
collaborating to develop such a global registry of research data

The development of Databib was initially supported by a Sparks! Innovation
National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


Nominations for an Editorial Board are being solicited to ensure the
coverage and accuracy of Databib. Editors ideally will have expertise in a
specific research domain or knowledge of research data repositories in a
particular geographic region as well as experience with descriptive
metadata. The primary role of an Editor is to review, edit, and approve
submissions to Databib and contribute to the enhancement of the metadata
and functionality of Databib for a voluntary, three-year term. The
Editorial Board will meet (virtually) a minimum of twice a year and will
correspond as needed by email.

Please send nominations or questions to databib at gmail.com, or visit
http://databib.org/about.php for more information. Thank you.

Michael Witt, Purdue University
Assistant Professor of Library Science
Interdisciplinary Research Librarian

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