[open-bibliography] biblios.net code/data?

Graham Seaman graham at theseamans.net
Thu Jul 5 12:43:29 UTC 2012

On 05/07/12 01:37, MJ Ray wrote:
>> A copy of the server code is
>> http://git.librarypolice.com/?p=biblios.git;a=summary

Chris Catalfo also has a personal copy on github at
https://github.com/ccatalfo/biblios_old . It appears to be the same
(both last updated July 2009)

> Maybe someone able-bodied can note the code location as a comment on
> that article.  I can't because of the "No Dogs, No Cripples, No Irish"
> sign - sorry, I mean the reCaptcha physical ability test ;-)


Thank you!


> Hope that helps,

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