[open-bibliography] Nature strongly expands its linked data platform

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This is great news! Thanks Adrian.

For those who might have missed this on first read-through: Nature is now
using the OKFN platform The Data Hub http://thedatahub.org/group/npg :-)


On 22 July 2012 20:57, Adrian Pohl <adrian.pohl at okfn.org> wrote:

> I published a post on this on the blog, see
> <http://openbiblio.net/2012/07/20/natures-data-platform-strongly-expanded/
> >.
> All the best
> Adrian
> Nature’s data platform strongly expanded
> Nature has largely expanded its Linked Open Data platform
> (http://data.nature.com/) that was launched in April 2012. From
> today’s press release:
> “As part of its wider commitment to open science, Nature Publishing
> Group’s (NPG) Linked Data Platform now hosts more than 270 million
> Resource Description Framework (RDF) statements. It has been expanded
> more than ten times, in a growing number of datasets. These datasets
> have been created under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) waiver, which
> permits maximal use/reuse of this data. The data is now being updated
> in real-time and new triples are being dynamically added to the
> datasets as articles are published on nature.com.
> Available at http://data.nature.com, the platform now contains
> bibliographic metadata for all NPG titles, including Scientific
> American back to 1845, and NPG’s academic journals published on behalf
> of our society partners. NPG’s Linked Data Platform now includes
> citation metadata for all published article references. The NPG
> subject ontology is also significantly expanded.
> The new release expands the platform to include additional RDF
> statements of bibliographic, citation, data citation and ontology
> metadata, which are organised into 12 datasets – an increase from the
> 8 datasets previously available. Full snapshots of this data release
> are now available for download, either by individual dataset or as a
> complete package, for registered users at
> http://developers.nature.com.“
> This is exciting, especially the commitment to real-time updates is a
> great move and shows how serious Linked Open Data becomes in general
> and in particular in the realm of bibliographic data. Also, Nature now
> uses the Data Hub and has registered the data seperated into several
> datasets (http://thedatahub.org/group/npg).
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