[open-bibliography] Best Open Source Reference Manager for 'Beginners'

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Mon Nov 19 13:25:54 UTC 2012

Dear People,

In the first instance, I hope that this is the correct list, but if not, my
apologies and please post to a list that could help?

I appreciate this might be a 'duhhhhhhh' question to you, but I hope you
will tolerate my ignorance!? I'm running a basic Research Methodology
course for Registrars (Drs specialising in some subject area e.g.
surgery, paediatrics, etc.) who do not have a high level of computer or
information literacy. As we are an 'evolving campus' and don't have Endnote
or Refworks or whatever at our disposal, could you please recommend the
best free and open source reference manager software that is relatively
'easy' to master?

I want to try and inculcate the habit of saving all their references right
from the start, keeping all necessary details to prevent the late 'search'
for 'that' document / article.........

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Best best,


PS The idea that all specialities are now to hand in a Masters dissertation
as part of the specialisation requirements is a great development in South
Africa. Previuosly it was only the Community Health, now Public Health
Medicine folk who had to do it. We might get an increased research output as
a result....

Dr JL Rawlinson
Department of Public Health Medicine
Polokwane Mankweng Hospital Complex
University of Limpopo
South Africa

+27-15-287 5331 (W)
+27-82 410 9524 (Mobile)
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