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when we worked on the "Recommendations on Releasing Library Data as
Open Data" (German original "Empfehlungen zur Öffnung
bibliothekarischer Daten" published in October 2011 [0]) we also saw
the need to stress that openness isn't solely defined by open
licensing. Thus, these recommendations name as key elements for open
data: open access, open standards and open licenses. Also, another six
non-obligatory elements are defined (Documentation, Raw Data,
Timeliness, Structure, Non-discriminating, Sustainability). See [1]
for a draft of an English translation.

Regarding updates, the recommendations only speak of "Timeliness"
(following the Ten Principles for Opening Up Government Information
[2]) . How timeliness should be implemented concretely isn't said but
- as Karen already pointed out - that largely depends on the kind of
data that is opened up. The recommendations accknowledge this by
saying: "The data should be published in a reasonable time after its
creation. What is reasonable may vary regarding the kind of data."

Maybe that helps for your needs,Karen.

All the best

[0] http://is.gd/openbibdata

[1] http://openbiblio.net/2011/11/21/recommendations-on-releasing-library-data-as-open-data/

[2] http://sunlightfoundation.com/policy/documents/ten-open-data-principles/

On 23 April 2013 18:29, Thad Guidry <thadguidry at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> 2. The data owner provides an open interface that allows searching and
>>> linking. Linking needs to be bi-directional -- that the data can link out,
>>> but also that others can "link in."
>> The main requirement IMO is that it is possible to know the extent of the
>> data and *if necessary* download it systematically. That's the only way that
>> it is truly open - it can be forked.
>> I am not sure that link-in is always valuable. Can you explain? would all
>> consumers link in?
> You cannot always expect or push your world view upon others.
> Linking in, is an option for the data provider if they consider and hold
> your same world view for entities or your metadata in agreement.  If they do
> not have the same world view as you, then they are not required to link in
> (linking out).
> There is nothing stopping yourself from linking out, however.
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