[open-bibliography] Developing guidelines for libraries licensing content and/or discovery services

Adrian Pohl adrian.pohl at okfn.org
Mon Jun 24 08:53:45 UTC 2013


yesterday I published a post called "Discovery silos vs. the open web"
on openbiblio.net, see [1].

The developments described in the post might be a good reason for this
group to take some action. I see the opportunity for our group to get
libraries to push towards open metadata from content providers.

My proposal: We develop something like Igelu's proposed clause for
contracts between libraries and content providers with the difference
that our proposed clause should enable the publication of metadata as
open data. (Actually, I already proposed something like this for the
last virtual meeting, see [3].)

What do you think?

All the best

[1] http://openbiblio.net/2013/06/23/discovery-silos-vs-the-open-web/

[2] http://igelu.org/archives/4278

[3] http://okfnpad.org/31st-open-bibliography-meeting

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