[open-bibliography] property for pointing to web pages, related to a resource

Antoine Isaac aisaac at few.vu.nl
Mon Mar 25 13:26:54 UTC 2013

Hi Uldis,

A bit late, but if you're mentioning EDM....

> Thanks to everyone for suggestions!
> One of the FOAF properties (foaf:page, foaf:focus,
> foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf) it is then.
> I was hoping to find a matching property in ontologies for
> representing bibliographic data (bibo, DC, EDM, ...) but no success
> there. Also considered rdfs:seeAlso, but it is mostly used for linking
> to related RDF data.

In fact EDM has a generic property called edm:hasView that can be used to relate a cultural object to any web resource that can be considered to offer some representation of it (a landing HTML page, a jpg, etc).
But the link would be indirect: there must be an ORE aggregation standing between the object and the web resource:

:anAggregation edm:aggregatedCHO [Your object] ;
                edm:hasView [Your page].

Perhaps that's not what you're after.



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