[open-bibliography] DCMI/ASIS&T webinar: The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, describing learning resources with schema.org, and more?

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DCMI/ASIS&T webinar with Phil Barker & Lorna Campbell of Cetis, UK

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*Join DCMI/ASIS&T for our joint November webinar:*

--*Title:* *The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, describing learning
resources with schema.org <http://schema.org/>, and more?*
--*Date:* 19 November, 2014
--*Time: *10:00am-11:15am EST (UTC 15:00) World Clock: http://bit.ly/1pKiCUj
--*Event webpage:*




The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is a collaborative
initiative that aims to make it easier for teachers and learners to find
educational materials through major search engines and specialized resource
discovery services. The approach taken by LRMI is to extend the
schema.org ontology
so that educationally significant characteristics and relationships can be
expressed. In this webinar, Phil Barker and Lorna M. Campbell of Cetis will
introduce schema.org and present the background to LRMI, its aims and
objectives, and who is involved in achieving them. The webinar will outline
the technical aspects of the LRMI specification, describe some example
implementations and demonstrate how the discoverability of learning
resources may be enhanced. Phil and Lorna will present the latest
developments in LRMI implementation, drawing on an analysis of its use by a
range of open educational resource repositories and aggregators, and will
report on the potential of LRMI to enhance education search and discovery
services. Whereas the development of LRMI has been inspired by schema.org,
the webinar will also include discussion of whether LRMI has applications
beyond those of schema.org.


*Lorna Campbell* has worked in the domain of open education technology and
interoperability standards for over fifteen years and has contributed to
the development of a number of learning resource metadata specifications.
Phil and Lorna were commissioned by Creative Commons to manage the third
phase of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative. LRMI is co-led by
Creative Commons and the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP)--now
the 501(c)(3) arm of the Association of American Publishers.

*Phil Barker* is a research fellow at Heriot-Watt University who has worked
supporting the use of learning technology in Higher Education for twenty
years. For much of this time he has worked with Lorna M. Campbell as part
of Cetis. His work focuses on supporting the discovery and selection of
appropriate resources, and he has contributed to the development of a
number of learning resource metadata specifications. He was on the
technical working group of the learning resource metadata initiative and
has since worked on the third phase of LRMI promoting its uptake and use.


*For more information and to register, visit the event webpage:*
  *DCMI:*  *http://dublincore.org/resources/training/
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