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Many thanks for posting - it was great to meet you on Wed. This is exactly
the sort of contribution that I think list members will appreciate. I'll
certainly be thinking about how to use it

On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 10:58 AM, Geoffrey Bilder <gbilder at crossref.org>wrote:

> Hi, thought I'd kick-off by pointing at a few initiatives that we've
> started CrossRef and that we hope will help with text and data mining.
> The first is Prospect, an effort of ours to enable the DOI to be used as
> the basis for a standard, cross-publisher API for retrieving the full text
> of content for the purposes of TDM. Prospect is designed to address three
> key technical and logistical issues that are hindering TDM:
> • All parties would benefit from support of standard APIs and data
> representations in order to enable TDM across both open access and
> subscription-based publishers.
> • Researchers find it impractical to negotiate multiple bilateral
> agreements with subscription-based publishers in order to get authorisation
> to TDM  subscribed content.
> • Subscription-based publishers find it impractical to negotiate multiple
> bilateral agreements with researchers and institutions in order to
> authorise TDM of subscribed content.
> We are trying to address these issues by providing:
> • A “Common API” , that can be used by researchers to access the full text
> of content identified by CrossRef DOIs across publisher sites
> and regardless of their business model.
> • An optional “License Click-Through Service” , that can be used by
> researchers and publishers as an efficient mechanism to provide
> “click-through” agreement of proprietary TDM licenses.
> Both components are free to use by researchers and the public.
> Obviously, beyond the technical and logistical issues, there are policy
> issues that are making TDM difficult. CrossRef does not involve itself
> policy issues, but we note that often the technical, logistical and policy
> issues are conflated. We hope that, by resolving (or at least reducing) the
> technical/logistical issues, we can allow others to focus on the more
> substantive policy issues.
> You can find more detailed info about Prospect here.
> http://prospectsupport.labs.crossref.org/
> Note these are working documents and we are looking for feedback,
> comments, etc.
> Prospect was a pilot and is now moving into production. Obviously, it will
> only really work once publishers start populating the relevant metadata
> (resource links and license info). We expect that publishers will start to
> populate this data in earnest over the next two quarters as they will need
> to do so in order to show they are meeting the requirements of the OSTP
> memo. We are therefor encouraging publishers to start populating this
> metadata ASAP.
> http://fundref.crossref.org/docs/funder_kpi_metadata_best_practice.html
> It would be great, in particular, if open access publishers followed this
> best practice quickly.
> We also have a tranche of API work that we are doing, in order to support
> funding agencies, but which we suspect will also be critical to text and
> data miners. This API is in the early stages of development and also
> depends on relevant metadata being deposited. We would appreciate your
> feedback on this as we develop it as TDM users will be an important
> use-case. Again, please note that although this documentation is geared at
> funding agencies- the API itself is a general API and will be free-to-use
> just like most of our other APIs. As is the case with all of our free APIs,
> you can basically do what you like with the data you retrieve from them.
> http://fundref.crossref.org/docs/funder_kpi_api.html
> These APIs are al based on the engine that drives CrossRef Metadata Search
> here:
> http://search.crossref.org/
> And FundRef search here:
> http://search.crossref.org/fundref
> Finally- we have a host of experiments that you might be interested in on
> our CrossRef Labs site. Some of the experiments are dormant, but if we see
> renewed interest in them, they can always be revived and re-prioritized.
> http://labs.crossref.org/
> --G
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