[Open-data-census] Better definition of National Map

James McKinney james at opennorth.ca
Sat Oct 5 23:23:24 BST 2013

Can we get a better definition of "National Map"? Currently:

> High level map at a scale of 1:250,000 or better (1cm = 2.5km)

In Canada, we have a lot of maps (CanImage, CanVec, CanMatrix, CanTopo, Toporama, Landsat, Ground Control Database, Canadian Digital Elevation Data, National Topographic Data Base, Canada Land Inventory).

I figure it would be longer for me to describe all the kinds of maps that we have than for you to more accurately describe what kind of "national map" you are looking for. Here are some leading questions:

- Would a simple cartographic boundary be sufficient (coastline plus country borders)?

- If not, what should it show? Should the map be topographic (show elevation)? Should it show land cover (forests versus lakes, etc.)? Should it be satellite images?

- What sort of data should it contain? For example, if the dataset is a set of images (Tiff), should they be georeferenced (GeoTiff)?

- Does vector versus raster matter? Print-ready?



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