[open-development] "Open for Change" platform and logo contest

Rolf Kleef rolf at drostan.org
Mon Jan 24 17:23:42 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

The Dutch international development aid sector is starting "Open for
Change", a platform to accelerate the spreading of knowledge and
implementations of open data (primarily aimed at The Netherlands for
now, and obviously looking for synergy with OKF, CKAN, IATI, etc etc)

Right now, we still need a logo, and we opened a contest for that:

If you have design skills (or friends who do), why not have a go at it?

We'll have more on our plans for this year soon. And feel free to drop
me a line.

Kind regards,

Rolf Kleef                                        http://www.drostan.org
//  rolf at drostan.org
//  skype rolfkleef  //  phone +31 20 893 2772  //  cell +31 617 232 772

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