[open-development] Kenya Open Data Portal

Tim Davies tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk
Fri Jul 8 10:12:05 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I suspect many of you may have already seen this, but Keyna today launched
it's own Open Data Portal at http://opendata.go.ke/ joining countries like
UK and US, and institutions like the World Bank in running an open data

The site is running the US-based commercial 'Socrata.com' platform and has
some interesting visualisations and mapping set-up by default. Personally
I'm frustrated to see the 'data is for developers' framing all over it -
with big '+Developers click here' buttons, and nothing inviting or
encouraging other forms of use of data, but if a wider eco-system of data
use can develop, aware that using data requires not just the data, but
capacity building too - then this could be a really interesting and positive

Lots of discussion and other analysis on twitter #opendatake and the



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