[open-development] Global Campaign on Aid Transparency launched today - Please join us!

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Wed Jun 8 10:44:36 UTC 2011

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An international coalition of civil society organisations launches the Make Aid Transparent Campaign today!
Below the letter from PublishWhatYouFund, one of the main drivers of the campaign.

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 **With apologies for cross-postings**
 Today a coalition of more than 50 civil society groups from over 20 countries around the world have joined us in launching the Make Aid Transparent Campaign, which calls on aid donors to publish what they fund.

At the centre of the campaign, whose members include Oxfam International, Transparency International and ONE, is a petition aimed at donor governments to make their aid more transparent.

Alongside the petition, which is hosted at www.makeaidtransparent.org, is an animation that explains why aid transparency is important. Please watch the video by clicking on the image above, and register your support.

The campaign goes live online today and there will be a physical launch at the Tea Time for Change event in London tomorrow. The first petition handover is envisaged in early July, with other activities taking place throughout the year.

For more information on how you can be involved as an organisation or individual, please contact Claudia Elliot at Claudia.Elliot at PublishWhatYouFund.org
 Best wishes,Rachel -- Rachel RankResearch and Monitoring Manager, Publish What You Fund

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