[open-development] Nicole Anand from Global Integrity at Africa Roundtable today at noon Seattle time

Tobias Eigen tobias at saidia.org
Fri Nov 2 13:18:45 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

Nicole Anand of Global Integrity <http://globalintegrity.org/> will
introduce and answer questions about the Global Integrity Innovation Fund
at the Africa Roundtable TODAY, 2 November - join
is free, though registration is required and a donation to Kabissa is
encouraged! Africa Roundtable events brings people together in person and
via the Internet for networking and to learn from featured speakers.

Here's the link to register:

I am supporting TESTING 123 as
connector<http://innovation.globalintegrity.org/connectors/> because
I am a believer in transparency and accountability (how could I not be, as
the son of Peter
and also particularly love the idea of motivating people to try out crazy
new ideas. Global Integrity is to be applauded for being willing to take
this risk.

Read on to learn more in a post crossposted verbatim and shamelessly from
Nicole's Innovation Fund




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