[open-development] Help Save 1, 500 Children in Bagega Zamfara in Northern Nigeria.

Hamzat Lawal mails4hamzy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 11:08:47 UTC 2012

Dear Colleague,

While medical care has been provided to over 2,500 children, and seven
villages have been remediated (environmentally cleaned), much remains to be
done. The sad truth is since 2010, 1,500 children in Bagega, Zamfara,
Nigeria awaits urgent medical treatment, which cannot be done until
remediation is carried out.

In May 2012, President Goodluck Jonathan promised 850million Naira for the
remediation of Bagega, but until now the funds have not been released and
Bagega has not been remediated.

However, the *Follow The Money Team* (A Network of non-profits and INGOs)
is determined to advocate for the aid needed to save these innocent
children and to help track the funds until Bagega is remediated and the
children are been screened for lead poisoning.

You & I can play a critical role in saving the lives of these innocent
children by signing the petition for the President to immediately release
the funds at http://followthemoneyng.org and also follow the Money to
Bagega by following us on http://facebook.com/followthemoneyng &

Your generous voice (signing the petition and sharing with your various
networks) will save the future of a community - Bagega, and also encourage
accountability and transparency.

Moreover, we are recruiting volunteers that can spare 30mins of their time
in sending coordinated Tweets and Facebook messages, and perhaps if you
would like to join our foot soldiers (we visit local communities) kindly
check in Here - http://bit.ly/savebagega

‘You hear them before you see them...crying, screaming and chanting. Dozens
of children gather near the dam, bathing to protect their skin and playing
in the dust. But in March 2010 an unprecedented epidemic of lead poisoning
was discovered in their community, and around 400 children died as a result
of lead absorption from artisan gold mining and processing’.

Thank you all and share this within your various networks - The world will
be glad you did!

For: FTM Campagin Team
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