[open-development] [EtherPad] What does 'openness' in development mean to you?

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Fri Sep 7 14:03:24 UTC 2012

Hello all, I'm part of a small group of opendev'rs coordinating the Open Development stream at the Open Knowledge Festival in a week's time. 

We're currently 'crowd-sourcing' the answer/s to the question: What does  openness in development mean to you? 

We've had some great answers so far, including replies from Matt Smith from IDRC and Ineke Buskens from GRACE at http://okfnpad.org/okfest-opendev-whatopendevmeanstome

Even better, I'd like to invite you to contribute your own thoughts. There's only two rules: 1) please try and keep it short and 2) please don't change or comment on other people's contributions.

All of the contributions will be included in the OKFest Open Development stream and possibly even make it into Matt Smith's upcoming book on Open Development.

Kind regards, Sarah

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