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> The Open Data Exchange 2013 (odx13.com) is a mini-conference bringing together Open Data experts and enthusiasts to discuss achievements and challenges of using data for citizen engagement, international aid, scientific research, and more. It is happening April 6 in Montreal, at Jeanne Sauvé House. Registration is free. ODX is being organized by Ted Strauss (me) and Naomi Kincler, who are the co-founders of the startup Trudat, launching later this year.
> I'm writing to civicaction today to kickstart some of the discussions that will take place at ODX. This is especially relevant since a few people on this list have been invited as panelists for the event.
> One of the first topics we will address are the achievements and challenges of the Open Data movement since it began roughly five years ago. 
> Leaving aside that 'Open data' will mean different things to different people, I'll suggest a few trends I consider notable. Please jump in and suggest your own. Be as specific/general/controversial/technical as you like. 
> #1. Infographics in newspapers, online news, social media, and apps have raised the basic understanding by mainstream media consumers of data-oriented displays. When used well, infographics help people understand the world better so they can make better decisions. This also has tangible benefits for justice, public health, resource efficiency, etc. The challenge is that infographics can be -and often are- poorly executed, overly simplistic, or intentionally misleading. Like any other media.
> #2. Hundreds of cities, regions, and countries have launched open data portals with permissive licensing, allowing people to do great things with their data. The challenges with some of these portals however is that there are still technical and economic barriers to accessing many of these datasets, as well as a lack of tools to access and use them in meaningful ways.
> #3. Scientific consortiums have launched repositories and tools for sharing data, code, and publications. This accelerates scientific discovery and knowledge dissemination. The challenge however is that exponential growth of scientific data is not being met by solutions that overcome the challenges of usability, interoperability, and open dissemination.
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