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- details of an upcoming open development discussion in Montevideo,
and a
call for video inputs on open development...
Why do you think Openness matters for Development?

Answer this question and join us in Montevideo to shape the future of the
information society in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I*[image: Openness
April 2013, high-level officials from across the region will gather in
Montevideo for the*Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Information Society
for Latin America and the Caribbean*. They will assess progress and follow
up on the third Plan of Action for the Information Society in Latin America
and the Caribbean, *eLAC2015*, which committed governments to harness the
potential of information technologies to achieve substantial improvements
in areas such as education, health, e-government and support for productive
development and innovation.

Also in Montevideo, leaders and experts from academia and civil society
will gather for the pre-event *'Open Development: Exploring the future of
the information society in Latin America and the
'*. The pre-event is a space for discussing the future of the information
society, exploring the new generation of opportunities and challenges and
debating the policies that need to be in place to ensure that the
technology will contribute to open societies and more dynamic economies in
the region.

During the event, we will debate issues such as:

   - Will the internet remain open over the next 10 years?
   - Will online surveillance increasingly challenge individual privacy?
   - Will open data, social media and new forms of participation redefine
   the interaction between citizens and governments and improve democracy in
   the region?
   - Will we be able to harness the collaborative potential of the internet
   to create more socially meaningful and sustainable economies?
   - Will digital education, science and creativity flourish in Latin
   America and the Caribbean, reflecting the diversity and culture of its

If you have an opinion on one of these issues, we would like to hear from
you - and potentially invite you to come to the debate in Montevideo. Just
turn on your webcam and send a short video (up to 2 minutes) with your
reply to anyone of these questions.  You can tell us about an activity that
you have been involved in, why these issues need to be considered in the
policy agenda in the region or about the policies or practices that need to
be in place to bring about an open and inclusive information society in the

Please be brief and to the point (imagine that you are talking to a
minister attending the event). We will compile the messages and share them
with the community of experts and policy makers gathering in Montevideo and
(with your permission) post them on the internet. If talking to your webcam
doesn't appeal to you, we'll accept a variety of formats. If you prefer to
do an interview, an animation or record a rap song, we'll be happy to
receive it.

The authors of selected messages will receive travel support to come to
Montevideo and participate in person. It will be an opportunity to deliver
your message directly to the community of decision makers and to help us
shape the future of the information society in Latin America and the

To send your videos, just upload them to Youtube and send the link together
with your contact details to video25 at comunica.org. All videos must be
licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0
Unported License. By sending your videos you agree that we post them in our
playlist for the purposes of dissemination and selection of the awarded
videos and that we may present them in part or in whole on our website and
at the Montevideo events.


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