[open-development] Where next for the Open Development working group?

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Tim as I said on your blog I think that in addition and equally to being
advocates for Openness in Development practices, a priority should be given
to ensuring "inclusiveness" in development processes. 


As I've argued elsewhere "openness" without "inclusiveness" is another form
of giving to those who already have. And simply nodding in agreement and
then moving on is insufficient -- inclusiveness includes making deliberate
efforts to ensure the broadest base of participation in development efforts
including through appropriate planning, design, training and so on.






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Hello all,


I'll be heading along to a meeting of the Open Knowledge Foundation Working
Groups next weekend (2nd/3rd Feb) to catch up with how OKF is evolving, to
learn from other working groups, and to think about how the Open Development
group might develop over the coming year...


So - what should we be doing as a group?  [Jump straight to the etherpad for
discussion at http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg ]


Right now we are described as "Central point of reference and support for
people who are interested in open knowledge in development" and over the
last year we have been involved in organising OKFest streams, sharing ideas
and knowledge, supporting hack events on development data, and I'm sure lots
of other things I've forgotten. 


We run through this mailing list, and ad-hoc smaller groups. I'm nominally
mailing list moderator, but we have no formal leaderships or committee. 


So - if you can spare 3 minutes, then there's an etherpad here:
http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg that you can edit to add your thoughts on:

*	How the group should work
*	What we should focus on in 2013
*	Partnerships to develop
*	And how to spend the small budget OKF make available to working

Suggestions to the list also welcome...


All the best



07834 856 303.

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