[open-development] ¿Dónde Reciclo? (Where can I recycle?) - A simple webapp to find recyclable waste containers

Mariana Mas mmasminetti at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 13:53:52 UTC 2013

Dear all,

I jus wanted to share with you all a simple webapp to find recyclable waste
containers developed in Montevideo, Uruguay, by DATA <http://datauy.org>. I
think is a really simple app that could be reuse in any city with this kind
of issue and dataset



Recyclable waste containers in Montevideo are scattered across the city and
take one kind of waste each (plastic, glass, metal or batteries). For those
willing to recycle, this means multiple trips and trying to memorize where
each container is located. Often, you’ll end up walking a few blocks just
to find out that you actually needed to go somewhere else.

Open Data

Montevideo’s municipal government has comprehensive Open Data
so gathering data was pretty straightforward. Actually, they even had a
simple tool to visualize this particular dataset but besides not working
properly on mobile devices, it relies on manual input of location and has
what we think is a confusing interface.

What we did

Our goal was simple; accessing information fast (specially from
smartphones!), with almost no input from the user. We achieved exactly that
by automatically geolocating the user upon accessing the app and allowing
to easily filter layers.
In an ideal situation, where the user has saved the app on his or her
devices home screen, the only interaction needed is a single click on the
icon. The app will open, locate the user and show nearby containers. Done!


¿Dónde Reciclo? was built using the following libraries:


   Google Maps <http://maps.google.com/>

   HTML5 Mobile Boilerplate <http://html5boilerplate.com/>
   - donde.js <https://github.com/HiroAgustin/donde.js>

You can find this app at:


Mariana Mas



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