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Hi all, here’s an update on Open Development at the 2013 Open Knowledge Conference. As Tim mentioned, this is a smaller, more formal conference than last year, and will be held in Geneva 17-18 September 2013.

Open Development is sharing a track with Sustainable Environment, which could be interesting. There is a separate track on Open Data and Governance, and another on Technology and Evidence/Storytelling, so in theory opendev could contribute to all of these, eg. IATI in the Governance track. More info on each track at the end of this email.

Immediate help needed: submit or encourage others to submit proposals for lightning talks, discussions etc for the Open Dev track (or any of the other tracks): more info here: http://okcon.org/call-for-proposals/ Deadline for submissions is 31 May.

All proposals have to be made in English, which will also be the ‘official’ language of the conference. Your proposal could be for a:

·         talk (10-20 minutes)

·         lightning talk (5 minutes)

·         workshop (3 hours maximum)

·         satellite event
OKFN will be giving a free conference ticket to anyone who is selected to give a talk, speak in a panel or coordinate a workshop. They will not be able to offer free tickets to participants giving a lightning talk.

Please note that although on the conference page http://okcon.org/travel-and-accommodation/ it mentions that they may be having a travel bursary scheme again this year, I don’t have any further details so it’s best to contact the organisers directly for more info.

Tariq Khokar from the World Bank is the OKFN’s programme adviser on the Open Dev side of the track, and I’m helping coordinate a small reference group for the track with the conference organisers.

If you are submitting a proposal, please let me know so I can check it was received?



Conference tracks and entry form for proposals: http://okcon.org/call-for-proposals/
OKCon 2013 will focus on six main topics.
Open Data, Government and Governance
Many governments around the world are opening up data and publishing open data on regional, national and international portals. But how do we ensure that opening up data is a commitment for the long term, and that open data is fully embedded into processes and policies? We also welcome demonstrations the practical uses of open knowledge within governments, discuss the current challenges to achieving global transparency and the fundamental role of civic society.
Open Development and Sustainability
Open access to data, information and knowledge has a powerful role to play in global development and sustainability. It gives us the opportunity to build inclusive ecosystems to help our society to adapt and change to avoid environmental collapse and to guarantee the well-being of the current and future generations. We’ll explore how we can engage with key development challenges, from addressing chronic poverty, to providing access to health care and addressing climate change with the help of open data and knowledge.
Open Science and Research
Science is opening up in ways not imagined 25 years ago. Citizens are increasingly involved in the scientific process, data and software resulting from research are more and more shared, and open access to the publications resulting from research is profoundly influencing the landscape of scientific publishing, while in turn opening up avenues for new innovative research. We look forward to proposals that demonstrate the impact of these changes for researchers and scientists.
Open Culture
How can we build a global cultural commons that enables the widest possible re-use and access to our shared cultural heritage? These sessions will address how we can strengthen the existing networks of individuals, organisations and institutions working towards a global cultural commons and explore tools and methods for enabling re-use of open cultural heritage content and data on the web.
Technology, Tools and Business
Leveraging open data from public, research and commercial sources to build innovative applications, technologies and services businesses serving both supply and demand for open data. This series of seminars and discussions is aimed at people and organisations looking to build viable revenue streams from consulting services and technical deployments for information suppliers, or creating custom applications and services derived from open data.
Evidence and Stories
Whether it’s for monitoring trends, evaluating impact or dispelling myths, open data is a key ingredient on the path to evidence. We’ll examine the role of open data in evidence-based policy making, data-driven campaigns and advocacy, data journalism and visualisation and discover how much and how clearly we can communicate illuminating an argument and telling a story with data.



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