[open-development] Future of Open Development Working Group: OKcon Recap and Actions

Katelyn Rogers katelyn.rogers at okfn.org
Thu Sep 26 16:52:37 UTC 2013

Dear Colleagues,

It was a pleasure meeting a number of you last week in Geneva and I
appreciate so many of you taking the time out of a very busy week to
discuss the future of the working group. For those of you who were unable
to attend, here is a brief recap of what was discussed:

*Meeting Recap: *

Over 20 people attended to discuss the role and coordinating of the WG and
plans for the future:

   1. *Coordinator: *A few members of the community expressed an interest
   in helping coordinate the working group as part of what I have started
   calling  a *"Community Council" *(open to better titles, this sounded
   the most "open" to me).* *The council members would help with the
      1. Moderate the Mailing List
      2. Blogging/soliciting blogs from the group
      3. Maintaining the website <http://open-development.okfn.org/>
      4. Organising meet ups? Hang-outs? Lighting talks?
      Activities/projects? Data-Expeditions... Anything else!
   2. *Focus: *One topic addressed was the diversity of interest/focus of
   the Open Dev working group members and as a result the working group. More
   specifically we discussed whether this was an asset or a issue. The general
   feel was that the working group provides a space to bring together people
   from different development silos and that even if the group remains simply
   a mailing/discussion list, this adds value to the sector.
   3. *Themes:* The idea of organising the group around themes was proposed
   but there was not a lot of time to really dive into how this would work.

*1.)Themes: *Do you think organising around themes is a good idea? If yes,
what would be the themes/ how would we select themes? Would each theme have
"council member" to help organise it?
*2.) Community Council: *Please get in touch if you, someone in your
network or at your organisation would like to be part of the "community
council" and help coordinate the group. We ask for only as much time as you
are can reasonably give!
*3.) What can people who are already overcommitted do? *Are you a Wordpress
wizard? Do you have stories that can be turned into blogs? Do you want to
organise a meet-up or hang-out? Do you have an idea for a project but no
time to follow up? Get in touch, I will help!

This is my summary of the meeting, feel free to correct me if you think
there is something important that I have missed or something that you would
like to add. I am looking forward to hearing from everyone.

All the best,
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