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Dear OpenDev friends,

Nice to meet many of you recently in Montreal for OD4DC and IATI TAG! It's
time to continue planning for next time to meet - at OKFestival in Berlin
this summer! See the Call for proposals below if you haven't seen it

I think we should schedule a Skype call where we can discuss ideas. I have
set up a Doodle with suggestions next week and the week after. I hopefully
picked a time that is not too bad for any time zone... Here it is:
http://doodle.com/hazac6w2wkmrtd9i. *Answer before 15 GMT on Friday* so
that we can decide what time we choose and send out an invite.

Do you think we should have a separate email list or group for planning for
OKFest or would people be OK with using this list for that purpose..?

Rolf sent out this link before to an etherpad with notes from our meeting
about OKFest in Montreal (http://okfnpad.org/p/okfest2014-opendev) and
suggested to have that as a workspace. Open source ether pads are of course
nice, but I became quite fond of Hackpad in Montreal since it is a bit more
user friendly and easier to create a wiki-like structure... I therefore took
the liberty to set one up where we can start collecting ideas and proposals
for sessions:
There you can also add you're names to the People section if you're
interested to participate in the planning process. I also created a Session
Proposal Template that you can copy and use when writing proposals:

I saw that it seems like we have some OpenDev allies in the Programme team,
e.g. Anahi and Duncan. Perhaps you have some insight in what other sessions
and workshops are in the making that we could perhaps tap in to, to spread
our "development message" to a wider audience..?

This year, there are three bigger streams: Knowledge, Tools and Society, so
instead of planning for a whole OpenDev stream like we did for Helsinki
2012 I am thinking we can take the opportunity to collaborate more with
others from other OKFN working groups (http://okfn.org/wg/), e.g. Open
Government, Open Spending, or why not Open Hardware in a development
context - such as the Global Village Construction Set (

Personally, I'd also like to see a continuation on the theme about Ethics
and Risks that you apparently had at OKCon that I unfortunately missed... (
Perhaps focus on Privacy now that it is such a big topic overall in this
NSA monitored world... We could collaborate with the Personal Data and
Privacy group: http://personal-data.okfn.org/

That's all my thoughts for now. :)

Best wishes,

Pernilla Näsfors, World Bank / Open Aid Partnership

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Subject: Call for Proposals for OKFestival 2014
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        Announcing the Call for Proposals for OKFestival

Now that the OKFestival website is live and tickets are on
we can share more details about the *narrative streams* that will run
through the event. We're also pleased to *open the call for session
proposals* at this time.

   A Theory of Change

The programme for the 2014 edition of the festival is fuelled by a *theory
of change. *Using this theory as our outline, the event provides an ideal
opportunity for the open movement to come together to co-create the roadmap
that will guide its next steps.

*Our Theory: we believe that Knowledge, Tools and Society are the levers of
Change*. As such, Knowledge, Tools and Society will be the three streams
that form the architecture of the programme.

*Knowledge*: Knowledge *informs* change. At OKFestival we're keen to
discuss ways of unlocking, expanding and sharing knowledge through open
access, open research data, open educational resources, open science, data
journalism and campaigning, data visualisation and literacy.

*Tools*: Tools *enable* change. We'll be discussing facilitating the flow
of knowledge through non profit technology, open source software, open
hardware, design, architecture and urban planning.

*Society*: The group(s) who *effect* change. Topics may include designing
institutions, building communities and protecting environments.
Additionally, powering economies through open government, transparency,
open tech businesses, open development, open education, open culture, open
sustainability and open economy will feature on the programme. Security and
privacy-related topics also fit into this stream.

The festival will weave together these three streams of open knowledge
innovation and impact. Each session will go deep within its realm as well
as identifying interdisciplinary features that span different domains or
Submit your proposal

Never facilitated a session at an event before? Don't let that stop you! We
encourage proposals from folks who don't often attend events and we're
ready to support you to run an awesome session. All you need to do is
complete the form
March 16, 2014, 23:59 CET.*

We will be hosting *two information hangouts* on Proposing OKFestival
Sessions in March. Follow us on
or wait for more updates via these newsletters to learn more about them.

Please share this call far and wide!
The selection process

Once the deadline for proposals has passed, all submissions will be
reviewed by the Programme Team. The proposals that we'll select will

   - Does the proposal advance the overall goal of the event and agenda
   (see the festival's theory of change)?
   - Does the proposal give concrete value to participants via its proposed
   - Does the proposal offer unique benefit to the agenda?
   - Is the proposal interactive? Hint: slides and lectures strongly
   - Does the proposal value and build on OKFestival's principles of
   inclusivity and diversity?

 If you'd like some more guidance, check out our Programme
You can also find out more about the Programme
the Programme<https://sendy.okfn.org/l/XMvlAmCbwO5KjtYlOTyWSQ/qVQwN6g76340763T4yyDtjImDA/E8DFCo5uE1892zyhY3ANnaxw>
on the website.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas about how to shape the programme at
this year's festival!

The OKFestival Team
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