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Claudia Schwegmann claudia.schwegmann at openaid.de
Mon May 26 07:02:02 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues
The okfestival program is online! Congratulations to all of you who got a
session proposal accepted. I wanted to get back to you to on the open
development fringe event. As we have discussed a few weeks/months ago, I
have reserved the meeting space with 5 rooms of Wikimedia in Berlin for our
event with the following capacities: 99 people, 30 people, 10 people, 10
people, 14 people. The room can also be made into one big space.

John Adams from the IATI TAG group has expressed interest to use one or two
rooms of the venue - depending on how much space other people need.

Duncan, as far as I remember you suggested to propose an "agenda" for this
community event.  Is that correct? Whoelse is keen to propose something at
the community event? Maybe it is a bit early to think about an event in
late July now but I guess time will fly as always!

Really looking forward to meet all of you in Berlin!

Claudia Schwegmann
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