[open-development] Fwd: FW: Letter For Sign on-Transparency in FfD- By Friday 12 June 16:00 CET

Claudia Schwegmann claudia.schwegmann at openaid.de
Fri Jun 12 09:51:54 UTC 2015

Hi all
I am forwarding an urgent message from PublishWhatYouFund on the upcoming
FFD conference in Addis Ababa on open data and transparency. Please share
among your networks and - if possible - sign on to the letter.

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are well. As some of you know, the Financing for Development
process is going through the last stage of negotiations. Next week, there
will be *the last official negotiation round* and it is still uncertain
whether we will have strong commitments on transparency, accountability of
participation of different financing for development flows.  It is critical
that we make a final push.

As in the previous negotiation round, we are calling on your support to
make our voice heard by the negotiators before the process concludes.

Please join *Transparency International, Publish What You Fund and the
International Budget Partnership in ensuring that transparency and open
data delivers for Financing for development Outcomes.*

Apologies for this quick turnaround. *Please let us know whether you would
like to sign by **Friday 12 June 16:00 (CET)*

*The letter is attached to this message and also copied below.*

All the best,

Jeannet Lingán

Publish What You Fund


Your Excellency,

*Ensuring Transparency and Open Data for better Financing for Development

There is one month to go before the Third International Conference on
Financing for Development takes place in Addis Ababa. In this crucial time
in the negotiations, *we, the undersigned agencies, networks and
organisations, call strongly on you to support transparency and open data
commitments in the Addis Ababa outcome document. *

As we have learned from the MDGs and past Financing for Development
agreements, without a comprehensive picture of all the resources dedicated
to sustainable development, and to supporting the least developed
countries, it will be impossible to monitor whether commitments are
achieving their purpose. The lack of public and accessible information
about aid, revenue flows and other public expenditures is a systemic issue
in many countries.

Transparency and open data can address this issue by ensuring that
governments and all development stakeholders have a complete picture of the
resources going into sustainable development and how they are spent. We
once more urge you to ensure that the outcome document includes specific
and action-oriented commitments to:

·         *Provide timely, comprehensive and forward-looking information *on
all development activities in a common, open, electronic format, based on
strengthening existing initiatives and encourage all other development
actors follow this lead. Governments should commit to supporting different
transparency initiatives, including the International Aid Transparency
Initiative (IATI), Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency, Open
Contracting Partnership and EITI, and mandatory extractives payment
reporting by companies in home states, and help to ensure that open data
standards can be joined up and compared.

·         *Ensure inclusive and meaningful public participation at all
stages of financing and governance processes*. Inclusive and unrestricted
civic space at all levels, and provision of timely, quality data and
information will enable all citizens to engage meaningfully in budgetary

·         *Invest in equipping citizens, legislators, public servants,
entrepreneurs, and civil society to understand and use financial and
development data effectively. *Capacity building must be strengthened for
empowering all relevant stakeholders to understand and utilise open data.

Your support in including and promoting these recommendations
internationally will be vital during this last round of FfD3 negotiations.
Many of the required structural reforms are already in place or underway
and must be recognised in order to help achieve the FfD3 objectives.

Yours sincerely,


[image: PWYFlogo-RGB- Hi_r1cropped] <http://www.publishwhatyoufund.org/>
*Liz Steele*
EU Representative

T: +44 (0)1202 423244

M: +44 (0)7929 665809

Liz.Steele at PublishWhatYouFund.org

Skype: lizzysteele

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*Our 2015 EU Aid Transparency Review is out! Read it here

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